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The Ridiculously Late Post About Who Won Those Cards

A while ago I held a contest for a set of Loteria inspired character cards from Eric Carter's world with art done by Galen Dara by sending me... something. A cosplay interpretation of the characters, art from a scene from one of the books, that sort of thing.

It ended more than a week ago, and I'm now getting this up, which is a shame because y'all should have been able to see the awesome long before today.

The winners of the contest get a set of these on Tarot sized cards.

It was tough picking the best. Got enough entries that I couldn't decide on just three. So, in no particular order, the winners!

What makes Sharpie magic work? Well, as @slczouk reminds us, Sharpies. 

SharpieMagic slczouk.png

Showing that she has both read the books AND has a keen eye for decoration, @whatsizemedium did a throw pillow for Tabitha's couch.


A SONG! @HeyLuckyAnnie gives Eric a song. Do YOU have a song? Yeah, I didn't fucking think so. 

Here we have a picture of Eric in his... more unfortunate circumstance by @van_haase.

@van_hasse also did this amazing drawing of Eric back in November.

And now I want a Dead Things manga.

And finally, an interpretation of Eric's friend, Alex, in his former role as a purveyor of bottled magic via Kerry Kugelman. I don't know about you, but this one just kinda terrifies me.

Thank you all for playing. Your cards will be sent out posthaste, which I believe is a type of gluey pastry, or something.

And for those who didn't win, I will be doing more of these and get these onto some sort of webstore... at some point. When I can think straight.